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Challenge Coins And What They Stand For

There are numerous approaches used to recognize high performers and challenge coins is one of the oldest practices. Despite not having any monetary value like the ordinary coins challenge coins are a sign of good performance in overcoming a certain challenge mostly in the line of duty. Use of challenge coins is a practice believed to have started in the ancient times a time they were a perverse of the military. Different theories have been used to define the origin of the coin but here are two believed to be more authentic.

There is a believe that a certain French national was impressed by a large number of those who enlisted in the war with the Germans that he ordered for a challenge coin to be designed for esoldiersthe solders. At the time of the war, a captured solder was captured and all his possessions taken away by the enemy leaving him with no form of identification. He however managed to escape from the enemy and got back to the French forces that were part of his team. His moment came with the challenge coin that bore his identification and in such way he was saved from the executioners as the French had decided upon his arrest.

Another version goes that the coins started with Vietnamese soldiers who used it a sign they were at war. With the high regard for the coins, those who acquired them became respectable that they never used to buy beer but could get it free from all pubs. In this respect, the coins were used as a sign of honor and in such a way they went on to become popular within the society.

With the popularity and esteem carried by challenge coins, they were also accorded to civilians as well. Majority of civilian recipients were national leaders alongside outstanding community members who stood out for the countrys good. With this fact, they remain a great ceremonial gift for both civilians and the military.

Companies and organizations are embracing use of challenge coins in modern times. Employees who make meaningful and recognizable contribution in this regard is awarded the coins. In such way, it helps employees to be more effective and productive with intent to get the reward. Within the military, the practice still remains and this is used in recognition of solders in all ranks.

It is not easy to find challenge coins today. Those seeking the coins however still do have options available where they can source for the coins. The coins are made of precious metals of different types as well as being engraved with perfect choices for the company seeking them. The designers ensure the provided products are fit for the intended purpose and depict the desired meaning always.