Technology Business You Can Start Now

Technology Business

Technology Business You Can Start Now : The main benefit of these businesses is that they take advantage of people who don’t have time to complete these tasks on their own. Many people may say, “I can do it myself”, but will they do it? And if so, when? Technology is here to make life easier by shortening the time it takes to complete the process. By providing people the following services will apply, just do it.

1. Starting a business setting up a computer based Entertainment Center for the home. I have a friend who has a DVD player, HD-DVD player, Blu-Ray player and TIVO! And, it also has a multidisc CD player with Audio CD and DVD rack.

He came to my house and saw that I had more than 300 movies, 4,500 songs, a built-in Blu-ray and HD-DVD drive, a digital cable with the ability to record any channel to my hard drive which was 10 times larger than the drive. . TIVO. all on my HP Media Center computer.

One machine, which comes with a remote and connects to my HDTV and speaker system. Needless to say he wanted it! So I charged him to go to the store with his money, buy the system and install it! Now suppose I advertise that service? Instant new technology business!

2. Start a business by setting up a public wireless network! What is a wireless network? You log into Starbucks with your laptop, open your web browser and the T-Mobile login page appears. You’re logged in (after you’ve paid the fee of course) and you’re on the internet! This is a public wireless network. Now suppose you do it for your local bookstore, coffee shop, restaurant, or hangout.

It’s not that complicated. You arrange internet service through your local cable or telephone company for business. You get the fastest service they have, which is around 10-15MBps, it costs around $50 per month for clients which they will generate back with the additional business they will receive.

Remember setting up this service ONLY A PHONE CALL! Then you go to the best buy, CompUSA or Circuit City and get a “Linksys” wireless router (with client money) and hook a cable into it. Make some software setup of the main computer that is in the business (most businesses have a computer) and the network is up! What are you wearing? $400 to $500 is easy.

3. Start a business that implements Skype (Instant Messaging + VOIP) between family and or business. If you are not familiar with Skype, you should find out ASAP ( When I got Skype, I was so excited about what I could do with it that I told a friend (not the same friend).

He thought I was trying to sell it on a pyramid scheme at first, but when he came to my house and saw him in action, he had to have it! He never knew that all the phone conversations we had, that I was using the computer, only paid $100 for a whole year of local and long distance calls with my own number, voicemail, conference calls, etc…! So, for a fee, I TALKED HIM THROUGH that setting. He then wanted it for his company and asked me about integrating it. The rest, you know, is the cost! (smile)

4. Starting an information research service. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a fee for your service. Since I spend more of my time traveling, I often call home and ask my wife to look up something on the internet for me. Now it’s not that I don’t have an internet-enabled phone, but he’s much quicker at finding flight info, booking hotels, searching for info on google, typing a document or two and emailing wherever I need it.

Now my friend I was traveling with noted the speed at which I could make calls and get directions or whatever I needed and they started asking if he could gather information for them! He came up with a monthly billing system and another business was born.

5. Start a business that makes your office or home workspace more efficient! I have computer cables running everywhere! Books and CDs are everywhere, and magazines I use as furniture now. Another friend of mine stopped by one day and was surprised that I could finish anything. I already know my area is messy, BUT I DON’T HAVE TIME to organize it properly.

He said, “If you make me brochures and t-shirt designs for my business, I will organize and MANAGE your business neatly.” I gave him a chance, of course while keeping a close watch on my precious equipment. The job was great! He used some trash bag ties to tie up all the wires nearby, got some cheap shelves for magazines, bought 2 small tables for $30 each and moved the things furthest from me to those tables in a very neat arrangement.

Added 2 more stylish wastebaskets and a coffee cup warmer (to keep the fuel hot) and I’m happy camping. Once again, someone else saw my new office space and wanted this same service!!!

Technology can be your best friend if you let it. With a few simple steps you can create a new life for yourself and others. Now all the business ideas I mention in this 2 part article still require business acumen, so read every aspect of the business you decide to run.

Be patient and DON’T WORRY ABOUT MONEY! Now I’m not saying NO to paying proper attention to getting funds. But, as they say, WORRY is PRAYER FOR NEGATIVE RESULTS! Find out if any of the above gives you a sense of peace while working there. If so, it might just be your call.