Online Computer Forensic Course

Tech savvy and tech savvy wannabes alike can now learn more and more even at the comforts of their homes and couches. Those who already have a bachelor’s degree in computer or Information Technology related courses can further expand their expertise with an ease through a higher computer course online. Similarly, non-IT professionals or career people who are in need of basic or advance IT training constrained by distance or busy schedule can opt for the online education option.

Working in an IT-based or IT-intertwined company means continuous upgrading, learning, and exposure to the latest trends and knowledge on computer technology and all its related facets. In the IT world, innovation, competency, and modernity are essential for survival and longevity. With the advent of more sophisticated internet, expanding skills and competencies in information technology has become easier and more constraints-sensitive. An online computer course is now just clicks of a computer away.

For those who have just stepped inside the world of information technology, a number of beginner’s courses are available. Starters usually have to begin learning various computer programs and applications. Many software and computer companies, like Linux, are now offering online computer training and programming courses. For *Microsoft applications*, training courses on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, MS Project, MS Office 97, MS Office 2000, Windows operating systems basic, and Windows NT Workstation are mostly taken up by beginners. MAC OS9 and MAC troubleshooting training courses are the ones mostly sought by MAC starters. These online training courses mostly come in packages priced based on extensiveness and promotions campaign by the manufacturers.

Web design, web development, web management, web graphics and animation training, HTML courses, and many others are available for people already equipped with basic computer applications training. For more advanced IT enthusiasts, online training and full blown computer courses are also abundant. There are online courses on telecommunications, technology and security, search engine positioning, wireless technology, networking, systems design, and systems management.

In a more complex note, there is already an online course on computer forensics. The High-Tech Crime Network now has an online training center providing computer forensic training. The training program is especially intended and designed for professionals in the field of network administration, IS and MIS specialization, auditing, investigation, and fraud examinations. The program trains them in handling computer sources that potentially contain pieces of evidence and pertinent data pertinent to the cases they are handling.

The computer forensic training course trains a forensic person in recovering, retrieving, and analyzing data from disk operating systems, Windows operating system (with concentration on Windows 9.x), and even from NTFS structures used by Windows NT, 2000, and XP operating systems. Data gathered from these sources are then studied for their potential use in legal investigations or even court hearings and other investigative proceedings.

The program is very time-flexible, giving its students enough time to fully comprehend the principles and procedures of modern forensics method. It is also lenient in terms of workshops and practical applications, allowing the trainer and trainee to have more time in digesting the data at hand. The program allows the students to proceed to the next level of training in the time most convenient for their schedules.

The program employs advance methodologies in forensic investigation like recovery of pieces of evidence from a magnetic source and transforming these raw data into accurate translations. This is followed by practical exercises on data presentation and analysis. These exercises are aimed at training the students in conducting sterile examination on various media, creation of forensic boot storage devices, replication of various media into forensic forms, and recovery of erased, altered, hidden, and even lost data. The exercises prepare a student to learn unlocking passwords, formatting data, accessing mail, and other private web-based information storage media, collating internet related files and cookies.

For about four months or so, a student in this program will be able to formulate sound analysis on technology-based pieces of evidence. Graduates of this program are expected to aid in more expedient and accurate investigations of hard-to-solve frauds and felonies. This program boasts of a partnership with Kennesaw State University.