Homonym leads Home Credit brand refresh with sonic branding

Music is a big part of our lives. Not only is it used to portray feelings we can’t say into words but it is also used as a marketing strategy that can help brands cross boundaries and reach target markets. By analyzing the songs that are heavily rotated in playlists and using audio data, it will show a clear picture of what the company’s sonic identity can be. This kind of marketing is called Sonic Branding.

Homonym, an agency that specializes in end-to-end music marketing and innovative audio solutions, advocates for Sonic Branding as a marketing strategy that can help make a greater impact to any kind of project or campaign.

“Marketing strategies have turned to visual messaging these past two years and now, marketers are on the lookout to explore other senses that can work. This is where Sonic Branding comes in. It is a strategic, purposeful and consistent use of sound and music in branding and marketing to shape perception and behavior”, said Mike Constantino, Founder and CEO of Homonym.

Home Credit’s brand refresh with Moira singing her heart out to the iconic lyrics of “Para sa Home, Para sa Life” that was recently revealed this June 16th, is Homonym’s latest campaign that uses sonic branding.

By using studies that provide insight into the music habits of Filipino consumers, Homonym was able to determine Home Credit’s brand essence and fine-tuned it with preferences of the target market to produce a melody that portrays a positive vibe and the feeling of trust and respect.

“As a reliable financial partner of Filipinos, Home Credit has a greater mission of helping its consumers better manage their finances and promote financial inclusion. With music as a huge part of our lives, we at Home Credit saw the value of building our sonic identity and communicating our messages through music to make more people relate to the message of hope and trust that we are trying to convey,” said Sheila Paul, Home Credit Philippines’ Chief Marketing Officer.

Homonym has always believed in the effective combination of sight and sound giving birth to the company’s Rhyme & Reason messaging. “Sight targets the brain while sound targets emotions thus eliciting feelings. By creating that emotional connection with the brand’s own signature sound, it will create a long-lasting effect on the target audience and increase familiarity to the brand”, said Constantino.

To highlight Home Credit’s brand refresh and extending services applicable to home and life, Homonym creates the brand’s sonic identity by focusing on the sung line and 3 notes in ascending pattern to imbibe the feeling of success while maintaining the comforting approach to elicit trust in the brand.

“To us at Homonym, our purpose has always been to fulfill our partner’s demands for comprehensive music and provide audio solutions as a means to build brands and connect with their audiences further. We believe that Sonic branding has the power to do that as it has the ability to make people feel. And when people feel, they remember.” said Constantino.

Listen to Home Credit’s brand refresh through this link. To get more information on Homonym, check out their website at https://www.homonym.ph/home and follow them at their Facebook page and Instagram account.