CartonCloud Why Warehousing is the Center-Point of Logistics Automation



CartonCloud is a leading provider of logistics technology for the last mile. We’ve been helping businesses across the globe with their supply chain needs since 1999, and we’re proud to say that our services are still going strong. In this blog post, we’ll take you through some of the key points that make us different from our competitors when it comes to automation.

The Click and Collect Growth Story

There’s a lot of buzz about click and collect, but what exactly is it? It’s a growing trend in the retail industry that allows customers to order online and pick up their orders at the store. Customers can order online from any major retailer and then pick up their products in stores across the country.

Click & Collect is a great way to reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction by providing an alternative method of delivery that doesn’t require them to go through traditional channels like postal services or couriers.

How To Minimise Your Costs Whilst Delivering Groceries

There are several ways you can reduce your costs and make sure that grocery delivery is as easy as possible. One way is to use third-party logistics providers, such as CartonCloud’s partner companies like DHL or UPS. This will allow you to outsource the entire logistics process from picking up goods from suppliers, packaging them up, and then delivering them directly to your customers. You can also opt for one of our parcel delivery services which come with their own set of benefits including:

  • Free pick up – We will collect all orders at no additional cost! All we need is your address so that we can deliver straight away without having to wait in queue at any local post office (if applicable)
  • Zero order minimums – No matter how small or large your order is, there’s always room for improvement on our end when it comes down t

Why Warehousing is the Center-Point of Logistics Automation

Warehousing is the center point of logistics automation. Warehousing can be automated, and it’s not just about picking orders up and putting them back down again.

The use of robots and AI has increased significantly in recent years, as well as machine learning and predictive analytics which help companies make better decisions on where goods should be stored based on their past performance.

3 Potential Revenue Streams From Automating Your Warehouse For Outbound Transport

  • Revenue Streams From Automating Your Warehouse For Outbound Transport

Warehouse management software: This is the most obvious option for businesses that need to move their goods out of their warehouse, but it isn’t always the best one. The reason for this is that you’ll often be paying someone else to manage this aspect of your business and they could be taking a cut of your profits if you use them as an outsourced solution (more on this later). However, if you’re looking at outsourcing all aspects of warehouse management—and there are many reasons why—then automating pick and pack automation may be more cost effective than traditional warehousing solutions such as picking orders manually or using forklifts.

Pick-and-pack automation: In addition to being able to automate picking orders automatically from supply chains with order fulfillment software like CartonCloud’s Warehouse Management Cloud™ solution, we also offer automated packing services where customers can opt-in for this service when ordering products online; all they have do is upload files containing product info into our system along with instructions about how many pieces should go into each box so we know what size box will fit which item exactly!

We’ve got you covered.

We’ve got you covered.

The CartonCloud platform is designed to help you scale your business, grow your customer base and increase revenue quickly. Our diverse customer base includes Fortune 500 companies like General Electric and P&G, as well as startups like DocusinTech and Gift Locker (the latter of which recently broke into the top 50 fastest-growing private technology companies in the U.S.). Our customers use CartonCloud because they know it will enable them to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. The ease of use offered by our platform means that no matter what type of logistics needs you have—whether it’s last-mile delivery or fleet management—we’ve got a solution for you!


We know that the logistics industry can be a tough one, but if you’re looking to streamline operations and increase efficiency, then CartonCloud’s technology is perfect for you. We’ve got everything covered from warehousing, last-mile delivery, and even customer engagement – all at scale. Whether you’re looking to automate your warehouse for outbound transport or just want some additional revenue streams on top of what we offer through our CartonCloud platform – we’ve got answers for you!