Bandannas and Back to School

It might only be July, but now is the time to start preparing for the back-to-school season. Many schools will begin their new year in August and in preparation, are looking for items such as spirit wear, parent gifts, new student packages, and more featuring logos, slogans, and other inspirational designs and sayings. On top of that, many academic institutions, particularly those in the higher education space, kick off sports seasons before school begins or shortly after and need branded gear.

There are quite a few reasons why this market is the perfect one to target for promotional campaigns. But perhaps the biggest one is the headline that’s been on everyone’s mind for the past few years: COVID. This year, most schools are back to in-person learning, with activities and events in full swing, and students, staff, and parents back in the classroom.

From preschool and middle school to high school and college in every department, event, fundraising, school store, or pep rally, bandannas from Bandanna Promotions by Caro-line can be used to promote school spirit and provide company sponsorship and support for their local school. “Bandannas are the perfect fit for any school function to show pride, spirit and team support regardless of the department or theme,” says Scott Thackston, director of marketing and product development. “They can be color coded for each team or class, worn as a fashion accessory, or waived for support and fun student participation.”

Back to In-Person Learning

The last few years, back to school has meant prepping for the unknown. Virtual learning, canceled events, and tentative school activities are now back to full capacity for in-person events riding the comeback wave. As schools ramp up efforts to welcome the new year on every level from preschool to college, get ready to sell them some branded bandannas as part of their campaign. A great place to start is a solid color bandanna perfect for the youngest learners and soon-to-be graduates. Whether imprinted with “Class of 2035” for incoming kindergarteners or “Class of 2023” for graduates, both make ideal items for schools to hand out to kiddos to create some excitement at the beginning of the year. Or if you’re really looking to create some eye-catching school swag, the neon solids fit the bill. Bright and bold, these 22” X 22”, 100% cotton bandannas embody the spirit of positivity that many schools are looking to return to. These can be worn around the head or neck to demonstrate school pride.

For something that can be used at the start of school sports season or for pep rallies, distributors should check out the 14” Wave-a-Hanky. While it won’t fit around a head, this item is great to wave in the crowd. High schools, colleges, and even parents will find this is a must-have item, and with Bandanna Promotions, there are over 12 colors to choose from, allowing your school client to find the perfect match.

“It’s all about the students, family and community engagement for schools—bandannas allow fun and interaction with the ability to have local community sponsorship opportunities for all to participate in their school or team functions, pep rallies, games, awards or class recognition events,” says Thackston.

Selling Beyond the Students

Let’s talk about school-related activities where more than just students need branded gear. Fundraisers, science fairs, spelling bees, and more are all perfect opportunities for students, faculty, and families to display their school and team pride. With four custom imprint processes, Bandanna Promotions is set up to be the perfect partner to make sure these activities are set up. For example, the Scarf-danna is a great item for parents. Coming in at 8 1/2” X 52”, the 100% cotton fabric can be rotary printed with a custom color background and step and repeat logo designs. It’s great for parents to wear to soccer, basketball, volleyball, or football games, or students can show their school pride at any pep rally.

The start of the school year also means the start of another big event: fundraising. “Fundraising is key for any school especially with tight budgets,” notes Thackston. “Custom designed bandannas help in a huge way by supplying corporate sponsorships that create connections with local businesses in a fun promotion while raising money for whatever school financial need.”

Thackston points out that, for back-to-school uses, bandannas are a great reusable option that, again, extends beyond students. “Bandannas and Wav-A-Hankies are reusable and fun apparel accessories that have a large imprint area to pass out to the masses,” he adds. “Teachers and administration staff can use bandannas for class identification by teacher or department colors that make for a unique way to organize any theme, event or awards for the students.”

Start Selling Now

Regardless of what back-to-school event or group you’re working with, the big consideration here is that distributors get going on these campaigns now. It might seem early, but schools are already in their planning stages. Putting together presentations that include design and product ideas will get the gears rolling even when budgets are tight.

“It’s time now for our distributor partners to present bandanna theme samples, mock-up layout designs and color offerings for all school levels including colleges and universities in their area,” suggests Thackston. “Budgets are ready to be allocated for the fall/winter session, but most are set for the entire school year. Don’t miss out on helping brand and raise money for your local schools.” Order your FREE Back-to-School 4-Pack Sales Kit today!