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Become a Forensic Expert
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Become a Forensic Expert

Become a Forensic Expert Forensic experts play an important role in the justice system. One of his main tasks is to uncover crimes and bring perpetrators to justice. Becoming a forensic expert is certainly not as easy as turning your palm. There are various skills and scientific methods that must be mastered. Early forensic investigations focused solely on the observation and interpretation of physical evidence.

Stepping on the half-time of the 19th century, for the first time applied science by providing increased ability to investigate cases. Over time, forensic science has developed into various kinds. Starting from forensic chemistry, forensic biology, ballistics, criminalistics, forensic anthropology, forensic medical science, forensic physics, forensic psychiatry, forensic entomology,

Forensic document science, forensic fingerprinting, forensic toxicology, computer science forensics, to forensic molecular biology. However, among the various kinds of forensic science, there is one forensic science that is quite familiar in enforcing criminal law in Indonesia, namely forensic medicine. In the justice system in Indonesia, forensic medicine is a scientific proof.

In Article 186 of the Criminal Code, forensic experts or forensic doctors provide expert testimony to clarify a case in court or at the examination stage by investigators or public prosecutors.

So, how do you become a forensic expert?

1. Education

Before deciding to become a forensic expert, it is necessary and important to obtain a forensic education degree. You could study a forensic science degree or a more general science-related subject, such as chemistry or biology. Forensic science is a competitive industry. So further studies may also help you get a job as a forensic scientist.

2. Skills

In addition to having sufficient academic knowledge skills, to become a forensic expert must have several special skills that must be mastered. Starting from analytical skills, being able to work in a team, proficient written … Read more

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