Day: October 10, 2021

Computer Forensics News
Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics News

Computer Forensics News : Computer forensics is another aspect of electronic discovery that refers to any process by which data from a particular computer or network is searched, found, secured and searched with the aim of using it as evidence in civil or criminal law cases.

Computer forensics has been around for a decade, but it is still not popular in the commercial sector so it is not exploited. Its growth from invention to practical operation was very slow. Now that forensics has been fully established as a science, it has prompted the police to form a high-tech crime unit. It really pushes forensics to another level, and many people have realized its possible uses.

Computer forensics news is not a task that any IT professional can do. This requires great skills and a keen investigative instinct. The acute shortage of experts has led to great competition among private cyber consulting firms, for hiring computer forensics professionals, making computer forensics a high paying profession.

Senior police officers in computer forensics can always benefit from a variety of job offers, as they are recruited for law enforcement jobs and private industry across the country.

A new law has been passed in Georgia for computer forensics, which states that forensic experts who testify in court without an PI license can commit crimes.

A new password cracker has been launched that will allow forensic investigators to assist law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime and global terrorism. The password cracker identifies and removes passwords, from locked disk hard drives used in laptop computers and will be a major time saver in the field or during classified investigations.

The growth of computer forensics has strengthened the police force. Allows them to find hidden evidence and save it for future purposes. Therefore, the growth … Read more

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