Why Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Get Inspired and Show Yourself Some Love.
at times, we may have too much to do and we thus forget about self-love. Here is inspiration to encourage you to always start by loving yourself. Keep reading to discover how to love yourself.

For one, you have to define what it means to take care of yourself. According to Caroline Myss and Peter Occhiogrosso, you have to ensure that you make yourself comfortable at all times and create a self-care routine. read more here. You have to start focus on yourself if you have to get anything out of this life. It is therefore vital that you identify what self-care means to you and make it a priority. It could mean different things for different people including that hot cup of coffee in the morning, staying on top of your health or even exercise routine, or even hanging out with buddies. Once you have given yourself love, you can have more to give to others.

Jill Bolte Taylor indicate that a great step in achieving inner peace is accepting or finding comfort in the life imperfections. We all have experienced those bumpy and challenging times in life. It is therefore vital that we find comfort in such instances and learn to accept that such times come and that not all times are blissful. Try being your best at all times and enjoy life regardless of the circumstances. read more here.

For you to give a hand or help anybody else, start by helping yourself. Take for example how parents help their kids when little and later allow them to do things by themselves as they grow. As we continue to grow we extend help to others. In her quotes, Maya Angelou indicates that we have two hands and one should be for helping oneself whereas the other is for helping others. read more here.

You also have to start seeing the good in you and appreciating yourself. Unfortunately, others may see the good in you but you are blind to it. A quote by C. Joybell C indicate that most people waste their lives criticizing and seeing the bad in themselves whereas others may look at them as the most beautiful. read more here.

Karl Lagerfeld also suggest that you do not have to give away everything in the name of generosity; leaving something for yourself is not selfish but self-love. read more here.

You are beautiful and should avoid comparing yourself with others. Victoria Moran however suggests that we need to appreciate those who come to our aid when in trouble. Always love the imperfect self. read more here.

Ralph Waldo in his quotes indicate that it is wrong to allow discouragements by others to bring you down. Believe and trust in your abilities. read more here.

According to Kim McMillen, self-love encourages us to only accept what is healthy in our lives and keeping off negativity. read more here.