Hardware is: Definition, Function, Type and Examples – In this discussion we will review hardware. The explanation that includes the definition of hardware, hardware types, hardware functions and examples of harware will be discussed in a complete and easy to understand manner. For more details, please refer to the following reviews carefully.

Hardware is often referred to in computer equipment, because in a computer it consists of hardware and software. For those who already know a computer or laptop, of course they already understand what hardware is and examples that can be seen directly. But for ordinary people, they definitely don’t know and are confused when asked about hardware. Alright, without waiting long, read the explanation below.
Hardware is: Definition, Function, Type and Examples
Please refer to the explanation about the hardware below.

Understanding Hardware

Hardware is a collection of physical components that make up a computer device. Or in other words hardware is a computer or electronic component that has a physical form, which can be held and is related to a computer system.

Hardware is divided into 3 broadly, namely hardware input, hardware process, hardware output. Hardware is a component that is related to software and brainware on a computer.

If there is no hardware, there is no computer. For computers to be used normally, hardware, software and brainware must exist. Because if one of them is not there, then a computer device cannot be used.

For example, if a computer does not have a monitor, it cannot display a visual of the process being ordered. And vice versa if everything is there but the system or software has not been installed, it cannot work.

Hardware Functions

Hardaware makes it easier for computer users to work or with complete hardware, the computer system can run properly. Its function is in accordance with the existing type of harware. So for that below will explain examples of hardware and their respective functions.

Types of Hardware

Hardware is divided into 3 types which you can see below:

Hardware Input (Input Device)

Harware input or called input device is a device used to enter data into a computer, which then enters the processing stage or a process. There are many types of devices to track down and control a computer.
Examples of input harware: Mouse, keyboard, scanner, mouse pen, disk drive, joystick, tracball

Hardware Process (Process Device)

Process device or processing device is for processing and processing data on the computer. This device can also be called the brain of a computer, because it is an important device for processing the input or input data. Examples of Hardware Processes are CPU, VGA, Ram and so on

Output Device (Hardware Output)

Output hardware is the hardware used to print and display the result information from the input data from the input hardware and has been processed by the hardware process. Examples are: Monitor, speaker and printer.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are actually other hardware devices that can assist in computer operation. Such as peripherals (additional devices). Additional devices are devices that function to assist the computer in carrying out user instructions or commands.

An example is a modem, a modem is a type of hardware whose function is to communicate with the internet network. Modems can connect a computer to the internet network that converts digital signals into analog signals.

And besides modems there is also Storage (storage device). This storage device is a hard drive. This hard drive is installed in the computer and functions to store files or files on the computer.

Examples of Hardware and Functions

Casing: Protects the inside of the computer (motherboard)
Powes Supply: A power provider for motherboard use
Motherboard: As the main circuit board which connects other harware components.
Processor: Processor data / brain from the computer
RAM: Stores data that the CPU needs randomly and temporarily. Data will be lost when the computer is turned off
ROM: Memory on a computer that can store data longer than RAM. This ROM is related to the computer BIOS
Hard Disk Drive: A data storage device on a computer
DVD / CD ROOM: Reads and writes data to CD / DVD media
Keyboard: Keyboard
Mouse: As a pointer
Webcam: Capture and record images
Microphone: Pick up sound
Scanner: Moves files
Touchpad: Same as a mouse, but only on a laptop
Trakball: Like a mouse but easier to use
Monitor: Displays visuals from the computer to the monitor screen
Speaker: loudspeaker