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What is Functional Medicine and What are Its Benefits

Health insurance is expensive and a lot of us are paying its high price. We may have expensive insurance but the care we get from traditional doctors is actually very limited. Although we get frustrated from the lack of care that we find in doctors, they, in return also get frustrated by the regulations and definitions imposed on them by the insurance industry. While we now have ways to prevent diseases from developing, this proactive care is not actually covered by any healthcare plan.

With the absence of the third party, functional medicine allows doctors to be able to serve their patients is a better manner. There are many benefits to functional medicine which we shall see below.

In functional medicine, you pay for the services that you chose and when you choose to access them. Functional medicine does not work with isnuracne companies so you get to pay only for the care that you decide to take instead of paying monthly to an insurance company and be at their mercy to pay or not to pay when you have become sick.

In functional medicine, the doctor and the staff get to know you personally. It is important that time is spent with you by your doctor. This time is comfortable and without rush and this allows comprehensive conversations. These conversations will give them a clue to the symptoms of your illness. Together with your doctor, you will be able to develop a course of preventive or diagnostic treatment.

Preventive medicine is embraced in functional medicine. You and your doctor will develop a good nutrition plan which is a healthy one and some exercise programs that you can do. Your consultations will be unhurried so that you can discuss your health concern, options, and treatment preferences.

Traditional doctors are available during the business day. But many of us get sick outside of the business day. Many functional medical doctors are available at your need. If you feel sick your functional medical practitioner can be called, emailed, or visited.

It is quite scary to be treated in a hospital without your doctor around and you will be taken care of by people whom you are not familiar with and who are basing their care on the notes that they have with them and very little information beside. With the functional medicine model, your doctor will be there to supervise your care and he consults with other healthcare professionals concerning your treatment plan and preferences.

Functional medicine gives you the freedom to choose your healthcare and treatment methods and this is accomplished through ongoing communication with your doctor without the dictates of an insurance company. Functional medicine has opened a new and brighter path amidst frustrations and restraints found in the typical healthcare model.

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