5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying Managed VPS Hosting

5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying Managed VPS Hosting

There’s a common saying in the web hosting business that your web hosting is as good as your hosting provider. It means that the kind of service provider you choose will define the kind of output you get. In the case of a website, the output is the performance. Taking into account this crucial point, many site owners are opting for Virtual Private Server hosting. In India VPS Hosting has gained immense popularity among new age enterprises, owing to its myriad benefits. But most site owners are still unsure if they are getting the kind of service that they had signed up for, or they are not even aware of what to expect from their service provider. That is why you should ask questions and learn about everything that your service will include.

Here are a few basic questions you should ask your service provider before you buy a managed hosting services.

What is the OS (Operating system) that they use?

VPS Hosting is available on both Windows and Linux. Depending on your site requirement and budget, you can choose any of them. But from a performance point of view, Linux VPS scores over Windows with its customizability supports many applications and is more affordable. If your service provider is not offering you both options, then it might not be a good deal.

What is the security measure available?

This is a very crucial aspect of any hosting service. Although VPS hosting is known for its highly secured architecture, you cannot depend on it alone. Check for the tools that your hosting plan will include. Also check if the managed service will include monitoring of threats and damage control, if necessary. When it comes to security, it also covers physical security of the datacenter. Ensure that your hosting provider’s data center is not in a disaster-prone facility.

What kind of tech support can you expect?

When you are opting for managed hosting services, tech support is included. Make sure that you have access to an expert 24/7 for any query or troubleshooting needs. Also, check if there will be a reliable technical manager assigned to your account to take care of the day-to-day tasks.

Who will have access to your account?

It is essential to know about the accessibility of your server. Since you are opting for managed services, your tech admin might not be managing everything daily. So, it is essential to know if the person or persons taking care of your site data and other resources is/are reliable or not. Check with your service provider if there are any identity and access management system in place to authenticate people who manage the servers. Also, see if you can set your own access rules for added security.

How flexible are the services?

The whole idea of opting for a managed service is to avail of instant upgrades, quick installation or applications, or increasing security as and when needed. Get detailed information on what services will be included in the service plan, and if there is any room for customization. Also, check if your service provider has the right capacity to scale your server resources as and when required.

Summing up…

Hosting is an important investment, and you must know what you are paying for. Even though VPS hosting has its benefits, you can only benefit from it when your website is in the right hands and managed properly.